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Founder: Professor Hague

Educational Qualification: Dip Medicine

Designation: Professor of Advanced Medicine

Department: Department of Advanced Medicine

University: International Academy of Medical Sciences

Research Interests: Tissue regeneration; diagnosis and treatment; Diabetes – reversal; Alzheimer’s pain; Parkinson’s pain; Genomic analysis

Biography: Professor Hague’s interest in the technology that started many years ago with the first lithotripter in Britain. Professor Andrew developed the Cs1-Intense Pulse Pressure Therapy (iPPT) device for the solution of pain management.

This is a non-invasive treatment with no side effects, drugs are not being used and the wound healing process will allow the regeneration treatment to succeed. The Cs1-iPPT devise has also been used for physiotherapy and sports. Where the patient also had cut skin the treatment for non-healing wounds has led to repairing nerves and pain release.


St James Wellbeing Clinics is part of SJWC Group.

Ever since its foundation, every step of the journey of St James Wellbeing Clinic has been challenging in a new way, we are creating a company culture for a SOLUTION for our patients, CREATIVITY for the innovation, RELIABILITY for the partners.

Our primary objective at St James Wellbeing Clinic is to constantly strive for added value of our services, ensuring we provide affordable quality healthcare to our clients. Our customers recognise this with St James Wellbeing Clinics and that’s what our reputation is built on.

We listen to our patients and therefore have an exclusive and flexible approach to meet our customers’ needs


“Only by working together, we will

get through any challenging times’


We keep it simple

Timing – Value – quality”

Hieu Tran


History of the Cs1 iPPT Development




At St James Wellbeing Clinic, we recognise the importance and the responsibility of the well-being of our patients, their health issues and its effect on their QOL. We are now also raising the awareness of how important our environment equally affects us all. For this reason, we are proud to announce our collaboration with Substainably Run, a charity focused on planting trees and addressing the planet’s climate concerns.

We all need to play a role, even small efforts makes a difference to share social responsibility for the future of mankind and our planet.  St James Wellbeing Clinic will now officially plant a tree for every patient we treat.

Also through your donations, one can further help the planet and also help other people, who have less means to treat their pain issues. https://www.sustainably.run/st-james-wellbeing-clinic

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St James Wellbeing Clinics is a reliable and trusted partner with the highest ethical standard, rapidly expanding its global network where everyone meets targets and achieves success. Our ever-expanding network has enabled us to deliver affordable lifecare, service and solutions. This is our corporate vision.


St James Wellbeing Clinics is constantly in R&D with our service, simultaneously working with diversified businesses, adding value, creating brand, and turning ideas and concepts where feasible, into reality completed products and projects, which we share with all of our partners.


Collaboration is no longer just a strategy, but it is the key to our long-term business success and competitiveness

About Us

Our primary objective at St James Wellbeing Clinic is to constantly strive for added value of our services, ensuring we provide affordable quality healthcare for our patients. Service improvement with quality assurance. Our patients recognise this with St James Wellbeing Clinics and that’s why our reputation precedes our competitors.

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