Partnership Programme

We offer state of the art, non invasive pain managment treatments, together with an opportunity to be part of the new way of health and wellbeing.

St James Well Being Clinic


We offer an opportunity for investors to grow their portfolio while helping patients gain a better quality of life (QOL).

Our franchise offer will provide you with a state of the art clinic, from setup to implementation with ongoing support and development.

Health Companies

We would like to invite any exsiting health companies who wishes to partner with us for the research and collaboration to contact us.

Please contact us
for further details

    About Us

    Our primary objective at St James Wellbeing Clinic is to constantly strive for added value of our services, ensuring we provide affordable quality healthcare for our patients. Service improvement with quality assurance. Our patients recognise this with St James Wellbeing Clinics and that’s why our reputation precedes our competitors.

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