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Nerves are the communication channels between the body and the brain. For the immune system to act the brain has to receive a message and that message is pain. If a pain blocking pill prevents the immune system receiving the call for help, there will be no solution.

The iPPT usually start a solution after just one treatment which we believe this can become the preferred tool for sports medicine and physiotherapists. Now, physios can apply the iPPT on any painful area from the feet to the neck. The improvement is fast and no drugs are used so there are no side effects, leading to the discovery of muscle enhancement both for invalids and athletes. The pulses penetrate deep into a joint or muscle and stimulate regeneration.

Tooth ache is often not an ache but agonising pain. The usual cause is inflammation under the tooth deep in the gum. itPPT helps to removes the cause of the pain. That is better than removing the tooth.



Given the fact that exercise is essential in the protection against lack of movement causing stiffness to the body’s ability to move fails then multiple pain can begin.

A sedentary patient can suffer pressure sores, these can be healed by Cs1. Equally, they can be prevented by treating the area every three days to maintain a good blood flow and skin sensitivity.

At the other extreme, an athlete may suffer damage from over exertion. Usually this occurs in joints. The iPPT can be aimed at the painful area triggering the immune system to repair nerves and regenerate tissue.



The iPPT heals chronic wounds with equal success on venous and arterial ulcers with a response rate of better than 90%.

  • influences the cellular morphology of human fibroblasts, keratinocytes and dermal microvascular endothelial cells
  • activates cell migration in fibroblasts and keratinocytes.
  • induces expression of cell cycle regulatory genes and proteins
  • alters the expression of cytoskeletal proteins in fibroblasts
  • activates immune response factors in human keratinocytes


The iPPT caused the growth of osteoblasts by which new bone is created.

From treating broken bones, the orthopaedic surgeons discovered that where the patient also had cut skin the wound would also heal better than they expected. Not only does the wound heal well, it has sensitive skin which confirms that nerves are repaired.


Accident & Emergency

A motorcyclist hits the side of a lorry and catches the hooks to which the side curtains are attached pulling his skin away from the top of his leg. Amazingly his head is not injured. He is taken to the nearest hospital where the bleeding is stopped and the doctors hope he will heal. They believe they have stabilised the patient and in time the gaping wound can be given a skin graft.

In fact infection has entered the wound. It did so immediately and was spread by the circulation of blood throughout the body. He is in danger of suffering from sepsis.

Sepsis has been named as the most expensive in-patient cost in American hospitals in 2014 at nearly $24 billion each year. Forty percent of patients diagnosed with severe sepsis do not survive. Up to 50% of survivors suffer from post-sepsis syndrome. Until a cure for sepsis is found, early detection is the surest hope for survival and limiting disability for survivors.

There is a time lag between being injured and arriving at a hospital. In every case infection has entered the wound. To assume otherwise is naïve. That infection was spreading whilst the patient was in the ambulance.

Immediately a patient is brought in to the casualty department (Accident and Emergency) their wounds must be zapped with CS1. There is no other method. Drugs disable many essential functions be they ingested or injected. Surface applied antibiotics only work on the surface and will not catch germs already spreading beyond the injury.

The CS1-Intense Pulse Pressure Therapy (IPPT) kill all and any germs in their path. The pressure pulse travels faster than the speed of sound though the body stretching cells for a nanosecond or less. Healthy cells are not affected. Unhealthy cells and bacteria are ruptured and by repeated attacks every quarter of a second they are quickly killed. In the body are good bacteria as well as bad. Therefore the CS1 must be applied sensibly. In an emergency the short term benefits override the long term effects.

In addition to killing infection, CS1-IPPT sends to the site stem cells of the right type, in the right quantity to exactly the right place. There is no other way to do this. Getting the body to do it for itself is the best medicine. Extra oxygen is created in the blood. Growth compounds are added by the immune system now on high alert. All this has to be done as soon as possible after the injury occurs. If it can be done whilst the patient is being carried in an ambulance, all the better but there is a limit to what can be crammed into a confined space. Don’t think of doing it in a helicopter because the CS1-IPPT will disturb the flight controls.

The best procedure is for a CS1-IPPT to be on stand-by in every A&E department to be deployed on a patient immediately they arrive on a stretcher. This can be done by a qualified nurse even before the doctor arrives. Treat with the CS1-IPPT before cleaning the wound. Work the pulses in well around the wound as well as into the wound. Think of the infection spreading. How much time has elapsed? How far has that infection travelled?

If the patient is unconscious, anaesthetics are not an immediate concern. Attention has to be given to heart rate, breathing and head injuries. More than one nurse or doctor will be dealing with the patient at any time and their training has formed them into a co-ordinated team. To that joint operation must come the infection killing and healing starter role of the CS1-IPPT.

Post-operative surgery wounds notoriously fail to heal regardless of the care taken to avoid infection. All surgical operations must end with a CS1-Intense Pulse Pressure Therapy (IPPT) treatment to be sure that the wound heals without delay.

Reduce antibacterial consumption. Kill infection without knowing what it is and exactly where it is. CS1-IPPT is the tool every hospital needs in A&E and the operating theatre. There are no side effects for the patient or the operator.



The CS1-Intense Pulse Pressure Therapy (IPPT) can heal and cure problems in the mouth that are impossible by other means. However, only qualified people should use CS1-IPPT on the mouth because the pulses could damage the eyes, ears and brain if not handled carefully

Dr Joseph Choukroun in Nice in France discovered that CS1-IPPT heals osteonecrosis of the mandible and is the only cure. Other doctors have followed, notably Dr.Med.dr.Dent.Shahram Ghanaati at Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt in Germany.


Periodontal Disease is said to affect half the population. Dentists give hygiene treatments with limited success and are very worried about their struggle to prevent the disease affecting the growing number of dental implants. Choukroun’s work confirms that CS1-Intense Pulse Pressure Therapy (IPPT) kills the infection under the teeth and inside the gum. No anti-biotics are used, it is safe, non-invasive and there are no side effects. The pulses are aimed through the cheek at the gum. Have the side of the mouth filled with water to conduct the pulses. Contact us to discuss the protocol.

A few years ago, a patient in pain from a disintegrating jaw bone asked Dr Choukroun in Nice in France for help. He used his CS1 medical machine and was delighted to find after a few treatments that not only had the pain gone but he had also found a cure for osteonecrosis of the mandible. Ten years of a cancer drug had left the patient with a terrifying choice of an amputation or death. Instead she got a new mouth with teeth implanted in bone that she grew herself thanks to CS1-IPPT killing infection and forming osteoblasts.

The amazing ability of the CS1-Intense Pulse Pressure Therapy (IPPT) to heal without drugs and side effects opens up simpler opportunities for dentists, they can treat periodontal disease.

It is said that half a population has diseased teeth and gums. More worrying is the problem that affects implanted teeth where infection occupies a gap between the bone, the implant and the gum. I asked the dentist who gave me an implant and he said periodontal disease is a problem dentists hate to admit they cannot cure. A person who brushes regularly and has text book oral hygiene can still have periodontal disease and then he sees a scruffy person who has never used a toothbrush in their life and they have no infection. He could not explain the phenomenon. Nevertheless, there can be no excuse for lack of hygiene in the mouth:

Anti-biotics, scraping and poking into the gums helps but is inadequate. Fortunately CS1-IPPT penetrates, kills infection, promotes bone growth, is easy to treat and has no side effects. The evidence is in Choukroun’s paper. The killing of infection is well explained in the healing of non-healing wounds.

Do not overdo it. Aim through the cheek to a water filled side of the mouth, with gel on the outside of the cheek giving 50 shocks per tooth at energy level 4. Move the shock head along the line of the gum to send the pulses in at differing angles. We have had reports of this being done on tooth ache and stopping the pain by killing the deep rooted infection that had caused the pain.Avoid the ears and eyes.



If you have never had psoriasis, you will never appreciate the agony it causes. There seems to be no absolute cure but the iPPT does alleviate the suffering better than any other method and at a far lower cost.


Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite appears on women as an orange peel effect. What distinguishes cellulite from other areas of fat in the body is that there is no blood so it cannot be accessed by the digestion system as a source of reserve energy

In order to remove cellulite and leave the skin smooth the collagen and fibres supporting the skin have to be strengthened and this is brought about by the same effect that iPPT have regenerating cells.

It is not an instant process, from an initial treatment to confirming that the skin is smooth can take three months depending on the severity of the cellulite. During that time, the capillary action of veins and the growth of new fibres in the collagen can only develop at the speed at which the body develops new cells. Therefore, the action is in harmony with the body’s repair mechanism.

iPPT causes a sudden bang from zero decibels to high decibels in only a few nanoseconds. It can be argued that the effect of a pressure pulse controls the rupture to a fat cell and triggers the immune system into repairing collagen fibres.



For each minute of treatment, it will make you look one year younger. The maximum is about twelve years. You can go back in years and take your confidence and experience with you.

A controlled, weak electrical current stimulates nerves to tighten the skin and smooth away wrinkles. It can be used on any part of the body as often as required. About six sessions will show good results and then an occasional top up keeps you straight. There are no drugs or poisons. Absolutely no dangers. The effect lasts about two weeks. Use this in preparation for an event.

• Reduces wrinkles considerably, fairly quickly.
• Improves skin tone.
• 10 Energy levels with digital adjustment.
• Time setting from 10 to 20 minutes according to client’s choice
• 4 different phases of treatment specially assigned to take care of the skin.
• Based on an Ultra-High-Speed Microprocessor.
• Two different modes and programmes for face and body.
• Very comfortable treatment.
• Unlike conventional TENS, no sensation of heavy shocks.



Of all medical problems, having difficulty getting and holding an erection can be the most embarrassing of all and men are much more reluctant to talk about personal problems than women so that makes it more difficult to give help. The penis is unique. Nothing else like it is found elsewhere in a man and not at all in a woman. The erection happens by blood filling the cells of the penis like air expanding a balloon. If the passage ways for the blood are blocked or broken the blood cannot get in and the penis stays limp.

You must see a doctor and tell him or her everything. The problem you have is not unusual. If the diagnosis is that there is an obstruction in the penis, treatments with the CS1-Intense Pulse Pressure machine can help and most likely cure the problem. The CS1-Intense Pulse Pressure generates sudden bursts of sound that are pressure pulses that shoot forward and can break up a calcification or plaque. It also tells the body’s immune system to repair damaged veins and arteries with angiogenesis which is the growth of new blood vessels. All this is done without drugs or anaesthetic so there are no side effects.

You, the patient, know your penis and may have a good idea where the problem is. If it is in one place then at that place the protocol is to shoot 300 pulses at energy level one, the lowest setting, with a shock head focussed at 5 mm. This is especially designed for this purpose. If there are other areas in the penis where the blockages may be they too can be given pulses to a maximum of 1500 over all the penis at one time. The pulses are 4 a second so it only takes a few minutes.

The easiest way to perform the operation is for the patient to stand and do the treatment himself. Let him feel what a CS1-Intense Pulse Pressure is by hitting his finger with one or two pulses and it will hurt so he knows this is a capable physical effect. The only nerves in the penis are on the end. Along the shaft of the penis are no nerves so no pain will be felt. Let the patient hold the shock head in one hand and his penis in the other. The doctor will supervise. Apply ultrasound gel between the penis and the membrane of the shockhead so that the pulses are conducted through into the penis. After the first few pulses it will be obvious how easy and painless is the treatment. The machine can be set to stop after 300 shocks so there is no risk of doing too many. Let the pulses hit the suspected area from all sides; keep the shock head moving, not fixed on one spot. We have found that the patient will prefer this way of doing the treatment. Be sure to also aim at the root of the penis where it adjoins the body.

The treatment should be repeated once a week for nine weeks. New cells will be growing and continue to do so for up to a year after treatment so the condition will continually improve. No drugs are required. Exercise a lot, never smoke, try not to drink alcohol and never take narcotic drugs.


Energy level 1
Shock head 5 mm (the infinity head has also been used successfully)
Number of shocks 300 to each site, maximum 1500 on all the penis in one treatment.
Number of treatments 9 at weekly intervals

Peyronie’s Disease is often known as bent knob and is a development of plaque in the penis which makes erection difficult and painful and intercourse unsatisfactory and maybe impossible. It is not a sexual disease and is not infectious. There has never been an acceptable cure and the best that has been achieved is surgery to straighten the bend. The use of a scalpel on the penis and the fact that the pain can persist has left most sufferers prepared to try to tolerate their condition.

In the last few years a cure has been found by treating the plaque with pressure pulses. The CS1-Intense Pulse Pressure Therapy machine sends from 500 to 1000 pulses into the penis and no anaesthetic is needed. The whole procedure takes less than ten minutes and the patient does it himself supervised by the doctor. There are no side effects.

Studies have shown that over 80% of patients treated have been freed from pain. Sometimes a second treatment a few weeks later is useful to bring about a complete cure.

The cause of the disease is uncertain and cannot be blamed on diet, sexual activity be it too much or too little, exercise, smoking or anything else that could be called wrong. After being cured by the CS1-Intense Pulse Pressure, a man will be no more likely to get a recurrence of the disease than another man who has never had it. It would seem to be a rare disease and the true amount of suffering is unknown presumably because men are too embarrassed to talk about it and even if they are and are then told that they must have surgery they will then stop talking for sure and suffer in silence. That pitiful situation can now end. All it takes is ten minutes CS1-Intense Pulse Pressure Therapy treatment.

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